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Loreta Paoletti, our Mom, dedicated her life to her family and good old traditional Italian food. Not one day went by without the aromatic smell of her unique recipes filtering throughout the kitchen. We grew up in her kitchen. She taught us that there should be no compromise with ingredients when preparing and cooking a meal.

As she aged, she handed down her artful ways of creating comfort Italian food to her sons. Who now carry on with the same simple truth needed to cook and prepare comfort Italian food.

In 1959, the three eldest Paoletti brothers got on a ship leaving from Abruzzo, Italy with their mother and crossed the Atlantic for 11 days, docking in Montreal and then making the trip to Toronto. Then settling in the Willowdale area to be reunited with their father, who had come ahead to secure a job and new home for his family.

Our Mothers dinner table is what always united our family during the trials and tribulations of a first generation immigrant families survival in a new country. Her cooking provided us with the strength and health to evolve and assimilate into our adoptive country, Canada. We owe our ideals and passion for good food to her!


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